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Product Information

Popular Electronic Cigarettes & Cigars
     Protect those around you from secondhand smoke by using the electronic cigarettes and cigars provided by Smooth E-Smokes. These products are commonly referred to as personal vaporizers or smoking simulation devices. 

Electronic Cigarettes & Cigars
     Quit smoking with our revolutionary products. Our vaporizers deliver nicotine-infused or flavored vapor through a liquid solution. The vaporization process is carried out by a battery-powered heating element called an atomizer. Please be aware that nicotine may cause adverse health effects.

     The e-cigarettes are made with soft silicone tips and lithium iron phosphate batteries (200mAh / 4.1volts) which last for 200 puffs. E-cigars contain lithium iron phosphate batteries (800mAh) and allow for 400 puffs.

     To begin smoking our vaporizers, just tear off the flavor-sealing tab and take a puff. The tip will light up as you inhale. Liquid for our devices is made with only standard USP ingredients, such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

     Using an electronic cigarette, popularly known as vaping, allows you to mimic smoking, but doesn't involve combustion. These products have no smoke, tar, or ash, just odorless vapor. Our disposable electronic devices discharge at approximately four percent per month and provide the best results when stored at around 60 degrees.