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Informative Articles


  “Industry experts say U.S. retail sales of e-cigarettes could reach $1 billion this year, just 1% of the country's cigarette market but twice that of 2012, as they spread from the Internet to store shelves and generate buzz through television advertisements and celebrity endorsements.”—The Wall Street Journal™

     Joel Niztkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task for 
the American Association of Public Health Physician
concluded that "...if we get all tobacco smokers to switch from regular cigarettes 
to electronic cigarettes, we would eventually reduce the US death toll from more than 400,000 a year to less than 4,000, maybe as low as 

-Get the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigare

-Each cartridge costs less than $2 and is equivalent
 to an entire pack of cigarettes

-The typical consumer can expect to save over $1,000
 each year.

-You won't "smell" like a smoker any longer

-Different flavors are available

-No more second-hand smoke

Source: The Healthy Report, ‘Are E-Cigs better for 
your health? Doctors weigh in; August, 2013.