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About Us

     SmootheSmokes is introducing it's first line of e-cigars and e-cigarettes branded as the name Nighthawk. This unique one-of a kind brand was created specifically for the military. We are dedicated to aid those in the military service(s) that have turned to tobacco products as an alternative way to control the incredible pressure and stress related to serving in the military. 

     When you purchase our nighthawk brand of E-Cigarettes and E-Cigars; you will be supporting those that have sacrificed so much to our country.

Tobacco Use Is A Serious Problem In The U.S. Military:

Active-duty military personnel smoke at rates similar to the general population  in 2008, 30.5% of active-duty personnel smoked compared to 29.1% rate for the general population.

Tobacco use significantly compromises troop readiness, and imposes high costs on the Department of Defense and Veterans' Administration.

- Smoking is one of the best predictors of military training failure.
- Smokers are more likely to perform poorly on military fitness evaluations.
- Smokers are more likely to sustain injuries, particularly musculoskeletal injuries.
- Smokers report significantly more stress from military duty than non-smokers, specially those who reported that they use smoking to control stress.

Actual stats: